At Amelia Jane’s Dreadlocks we use the natural crochet hook method to create and maintain dreadlocks paying close attention to detail with a gentle touch. Hair growth needs to be knotted to form and strengthen a dread. As your hair grows regrowth needs to be knotted and stray hair pulled back into the lock to ensure strong long lasting beautiful locks.

Before your appointment:

Please wash your locks 24hours before your booking so that they are 100% dry to ensure top quality results. Being a mobile business please allow a little extra time before and after the appointment time in case our locitian is running a little early or late.

At home care:

There are a few things you can do at home to help maintain your locks yourself. Keeping your dreads separated to prevent them from matting and growing together is a must and should be done at lest once a week. Separate your locks by running your fingers in-between each lock and detaching any little hairs connecting between each lock.

Palm rolling will help your dreads to lock tighter and faster especially in the first few years, rolling your dreads will smooth out any lumps and bumps forming and create more of a straight lock. The more you roll your locks the straighter and neater they will become over time.
We recommend getting maintenance every 3-6 months.


Reconstructions is a intense maintenance and requires more time. This service includes tiding along of the whole length of the lock sometimes creating some dreads if there is a lot of loose hair between the locks, opening of closing the ends of the locks and changing the size of a few dreads. Reconstruction is idea for anyone who has free-formed dreadlocks and is wanting their first tidy up, anyone who has not had maintenance for 12 months or anyone who wants some changes to their locks that can not be achieved in just a 3 hour maintenance appointment. If you are unsure if this is the right service for you use the contact form to send us photos to help you out.


*Please read this information prior to requesting an appointment for new dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are an investment and require specific care*

Dreadlocks require regular care and attention, they are a commitment that require and bit of patience. Dreadlocks have stages and take 1- 2years to mature and will be fairly messy and frizzy up until that point. The straighter and neater you want your dreads to be the more work is needed to achieve this look and can take around 3-4 years.
The long term outcome will largely depend on your hair type. The early stages of dreadlocks can be hard for people that are super fussy about their hair.
Lumps loops and bumps in the early stages are all signs that your locks are maturing. Regular maintenance sessions combined with finding the right at home care routine for your locks will result in the best outcome.
There are many ways to create dreadlocks and many different styles, we advise not to get to attached to a particular look or style because your hair is going to form into your own unique dreadlock style just for you with out without your permission.

Before your appointment:

Wash your hair 48 hours before your booking.  If your hair is too clean or un-clean it is harder to dread as it will be to soft or your natural oils will also make it hard to lock up.
Have a plan for the day. Depending on the answers to the questions below dread creation can take from 5 hours to 20 hours. Along with fun and sometimes deep chats with our friendly staff its a good idea to have a tv show, movies or study to do. You can also use this time to relax to some music if you wish. Make sure you have food prepared and a comfortable hair! Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Questions to be prepared to answer:

* What size and thickness would you like your dreads to be,  take in consideration your hair type
* We will need photos of your hair currently along with photos of what you would like to have
* Would you like open or closed ended dreads
* Would you consider your hair to be thick, thin, or medium? Is your hair very soft and fine or heavy and coarse?


We only use real human hair for our dreadlock extensions for longer lasting real feel higher quality results. Dreadlock extensions just like non knotted hair extensions do not last as long as your own hair. Extensions are attached and crocheted onto your own hair extensions need alittle patience and the right care to help to encourage the hair to lock and hold. Extensions can last anywhere from 1 year to 4 years depending on the care they are given. Our extensions come in natural colours from black platinum blonde. We can create ombre dreadlocks and have a colourist that can provide other colours



Washing your dreads is a very important and essential part of dread care, clean dry dreads will ensure a long heathy lock life. Pay attention to your scalp and find the right routine for you. A itchy scalp and a little dandruff can be normal in the earlier stages but should settle after a few months with the right care. Deep soaks and cleans are recommended once a year to remove any build u


The only product that is a must is a good residue free dreadlock shampoo. Our preferred brands are available for purchase on the day. Other products include oils, locking dust, tightening gels, scalp relief spray and accessories. *See shop for more product


Colouring your dreadlocks must be done with care and by a professional. Hair dye and bleach can dry and damage hair and locks if not done with care. We have a dreadlock colour specialist who is amazing using high quality products for the best results and prolonging the life of your locks.


You can remove dreads by picking them it just takes a lot of time and patience. If your dreadlock journey is coming to a end and you wish to removal your locks we suggest you have a go at removing them yourself at home slowly as it can be timely and expensive. Start by soaking your hair in warm water then adding conditioner and using a metal pick to slowly unpick them starting at the bottom and working your way up the dread. We offer removal at $60/Hour and to give you an ide it takes around 15-25mins per dreadlock to remove, this is varied depending on the length, thickness and what age the dreads are.


Matted/tangled hair can become if tangled hair is left unattended for more then a few days it can become very frustrating and hard to removal yourself. This happens and is more common then you would realise! We can come to your house with no judgment spend the day with you and untangle your hair. We try to do this with as little and minimal damage to your hair as we can however if scissors needs to be used we always ask permission first. Knotts have 3 stages, first we find out where the ends of the hair is and work out a plan from there. Once the unpicking begins we start to find the back bones of the knots, these are the areas in which the knots have gathered up and around. After the backbones are all removed then we are left with the spider web stage, this is the most painful slowest part of the process. Now the detangling is done you must jump straight in the shower and using a detangling brush get the rest of the little knots outs. These jobs can take anywhere from 2 – 20 hours, for a very rough estimate use the contact form to send us photos.

Before your appointment:

Soak and submerge your whole head in a container with warm water, 3 cups of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of lemon juice for 1 hour before your booking then rinse through with water. This soak will help dissolve any build up and help assist removal. Make sure to squeeze the water right through to the scalp.


How often should I be washing them? Keep your scalp in good condition healthy and dandruff free. Most people wash once every 2nd week but this may vary depending on your job, hobbies and lifestyle.

What shampoo should I use? Ideally try to use all natural shampoos. Natural shampoos have natural oils that will help keep the scalp healthy and hydrated and will also ensure that you don’t get a build-up of chemicals in your locks. Do not use conditioner.

How often should I get maintenance? Now this is entirely up to you, there are no rules, they are your locks and may like them very neat, tidy and tight, others may like the grown out loose laid back look. On average my regular clients ask for maintenance around every 5 months, but more frequently in the first year

Is there anything I can do to maintain them? Yes you can help by pulling them apart, dreads like to matt together so regularly pulling them apart will save time in your next maintenance. Another thing that is easy is palm rolling, Just take one at a time and roll them between your hands, this will help the dread to tighten and keep them straight (if that’s what you like)