How often you would like maintenance is totally a personal choice! The newer your locks the more often you will probably find you are wanting maintenance. (To read more about the first year with dreadlocks click here) I recommend every 3 or 4 months in the first year then back off to every 6 months (usually before special events). I can also interlock on request.

Whole Head: 3-4 Hours
Half Head: 2-3 Hours
Underneath: 1-2 Hours

If you are reading what’s below and realise that you have most of these problems including some loss hair in between your dreadlocks needing dreading you may need reconstruction not just maintenance. click here to find out more about reconstruction.

Read below to see what maintenance involves

As your hair grows the re-growth will need to be dreaded, how often this will need to be done depends on your own hair grow rate, life style and also how neat you like your dreads to be kept. My personal advice is try not to get stuck being too fussy, they are dreadlocks after all and they will like being free to lock on their own and develop their personalities. (Bumps and kinkys) But then that’s not for everyone.

In the first year your dreads will need the length of them tided up as well as the regrowth while they are going through the locking and tightening process, the whole dread will be quite fluffy.

Sometimes repair work may need to be done, over time weak points can happen and will need to be repaired. Holes can sometimes occur naturally and cause breakage over time or they can form from interlocking if done wrong. You might find that the regrowth is thinning, this can also be saved and fixed and repaired in a maintenance appointment.

Loops happen they are extremely common especially in the first year, they can be fixed over time with the crochet hook and you can also help prevent them by palm roll your dreads between maintenance appoiments to avoid them occurring. This is a personal choice, some people like them and say they give the locks character and some people like the straight tidy look.

Sometimes dreads like to form attachments and become friends, if you leave them long enough them will become lovers. This is where the locks join and start to grow together they eventually become one large dread. Most dreads can be saved and split into two again. If you have open ends and want them blunted, or have blunted ends and now want open ends I can change them for you.

You can help by pulling any dreads that have tried to grow together apart before I get there. Make sure you hair is 100% dry

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